To encourage the positive behaviour, learned responsibilities and personal development in young people that are associated with being part of a team.

Our mission statement is based around the benefits of being part of a team environment and the pride of representing an organisation from an early age. We believe that this generates a sense of social interaction and respect for others that is found when a group of individuals are associated by a common similarity, such as a uniform or team unit.


Kits 4 Schools takes the financial strain from schools and parents...

Responsible sponsorship from UK businesses funds the Kits 4 Schools program. We have a national network of responsibly sourced businesses ready to sponsor your schools team kits, as well as a program that allows local companies to join the sponsorship scheme. This provides each of your school’s teams with a quality football or sports kit, from a top brand, in your school’s colours and with your school emblem on it at No Cost to the School or Pupils. The kit will feature your sponsors logo on it*, and all they ask for in return is a team photo to display at their place of work or on their stake holder collateral.

CSR is a big part of modern business and the sponsorship program is designed to fit in line with the CSR efforts of many UK businesses. For more information, register today without obligation.

* Sponsorship is responsibly sourced. This means no businesses involved in areas such as alcohol, cigarettes or fast food will be included.


The law that governs school's and sponsorship...

The Government and Department for Education state that it is the school’s discretion as to whether they would display sponsorship on a school kit. Kits 4 Schools monitor their sponsor network closely, ensuring that only responsible and ethical organisations are involved in the program. The program is being developed in close liaison with the Department of Education/appropriate government departments at all stages, and is the only one of it’s kind in the UK.